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I was going to write a post on landing pages today because they determine what type of keywords you will use. But I figured, if you are waiting to get started, it is much better to just jump in and go. But I will go over a few landing pages types.

  1.  Direct to vendor’s site. This is not actually a landing page, but we will put it here. The standard way is just to use your affiliate link as the destination url and the vendor’s website as the display url. The disadvantage to this is that it’s a timeshare. Your ad will only show a percentage of the time, since Google only allows one display url per search. Eventually  you could be run out by a lot of other affiliates or your profit will become too small if you try to beat them at bidding. There are ways around this, through the use of frames or <base href="">. That will be the subject for other posts, but for those of you who want to investigate, pick a mid ranking product, search for it’s name and check out the source of some of the landing pages. You will see what I mean. The majority of my campaigns use a variety of the direct to vendor link. I track though by sending the link through another page first. This also helps with Keyword Spyers looking for a Clickbank based url.
  2. A Simple Review. You bought the product. You like it. You want to tell others. You can do this one with a simple blog post. And blogs do have an edge when it comes to keyword cost.
  3. A Whole New Sales Page. Take out the vendor’s page totally. Write your own sales page and link directly to the checkout page. Sometimes a vendors sales page is not as good as the product itself. Bypass it.
  4. A Review with a bonus, ala Affiliate Project X. I bought this product and created this other product to help you use it. You get it free if you buy from my link.
  5. A Review with a refund, ala Rich Jerk. Give people who buy an instant or 6 week refund.
  6. Comparison review, ala Rich Jerk. Find three or four similiar products and rank them.
  7. Review with a squeeze page. Get your visitors to subscribe to a newsletter and then sell to them down the line.

At first I though there would be about three of these, but I kept running into more. If you know of any other types, please comment.

Keyword Types

  • Buy words (these are usually added to the main phrases, i.e purchase, buy, etc.)
  • Misspellings (Don’t know how to spell)
  • Typos (Don’t know how to type)
  • All versions of the domain name
  • The product name and synonyms of the product name
  • Locations
  • Abbreviations
  • Spaces Removed (MakeMoneyOnline)
  • Brand names
  • Plurals
  • Acronyms
  • Add different verbs
  • People’s Names
  • Add different adjectives

And those are just a few. The closer you come to sending hits directly to one vendor, the more you want to watch your keywords. You have created one and only one out. Look for the product names, variations on that, the authors names, memorable phrases from the sales page, and longer phrases. This post went a little long and I will cover this more in another.

Picking Clickbank products based on rank is fine. People with a great sales page are fine. Now it comes down to narrowing this down based on the keywords you can use. Start with your favorites from the list of products you chose, the ones that you would like to promote more than the others and start looking at the keywords and phrases you can use to promote the products. A bigger list doesn’t necessarily mean more money to be made, but I have run into a few products that I couldn’t come up with many keywords that weren’t very general. I ran 3000 keyword campaigns back in the old days. Now my average is less than a hundred per product to start out. I may add more later based on results, but not at the beginning. I want clickthrough and results in the beginning.

Okay, I understand this was a rather vague post mainly to get the direction I was going in place. I think I will back it up with a real campaign that I will start on the fly. At least that is what I am thinking now.

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